Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Please let us know what you think of the AITC:

Steve Petrone
2017-04-10 13:41:46

1. We are currently not utilizing the credit, but subject to its refinement and simplification forward, we expect to utilize it.
2. NA
3. We had a look at it and it was overly cumbersome in terms of what was required to apply and to qualify. At best, it is a 30% tax credit to an Alberta investor who hoepfuly invests in something other than resource-based industries. This means that Treasury will be able to tax most of the 100% of the investment plus all of the economic activity the SME undertakes, and which in some jurisdictions that have had such a credit have shown multiple in economic activity for every $ out of Treasury (e.g., BC). As such, it will be cost neutral or near-cost neutral to Treasury. Alberta's Treasury group should try and enter the 21st century rather than impede something that could be so beneficial to our province's future.
4. It's only 30%; it's cost to Treasury will be NET little or nothing. I strongly suggest making it both investor and investee friendly. Treasury should assist the elected GoA to adopt investment strategies for Innovation and Diversification that have been shown to work in other, more progressive jurisdictions. We are not inventing anything new with the AITC - we are just playing catch-up, and long overdue.

Michael Flood
2017-04-04 11:39:13

We have some initial questions to get the conversation going. Please introduce yourself and your company/organization, and answer one or all of the questions below:

1) Are you currently utilizing or plan to utilize the credit?
2) If you are utilizing the credit, what has been your experience with it?
3) If you are not utilizing the credit, why not?
4) Is there anything about the credit you would like to see improved or changed?