New Cooperation - Venture Alberta
Tuesday, January 31 2012
We at BioAlberta are proud to announce that we have entered a new partnership with Venture Alberta.
VentureAlberta Forum is one of the largest gatherings of business angel investors in the City of Calgary and Edmonton, with strong ties to the other Canadian Angel Investor forums.
This partnership with Venture Alberta will enable BioAlberta members to gain access and present to investors that have in interest in the technology space.   We have already started the engine on this new relationship with our “Open Mic” nights that occurred in both Calgary (Jan19, 2012) and Edmonton (Jan 26, 2012). BioAlberta and Venture Alberta (with support from TEC Edmonton, Innovate Calgary and EEDC) presented a session that allowed startup companies (listed below) step up to the mic for but five minutes each to make "elevator pitches" to the room.   After the pitches, a panel of evaluators offered constructive critiques of the pitches, both to the room and the participants.
Thanks to all who attended. The events were very well attended and well received by the companies and investors. 
Edmonton Companies: Ceapro, Metabolomics Technologies, Innovative Trauma Care, KMT Hepatech, Meros Pharma and SinoVeda Canada Inc.
Calgary Companies:  Parvus Therapeutics, Reverlogix Corp. TecProductions Inc., and Master of Biomedical Technology Program (U of C).
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