20th Annual BioPartnering Future Europe
Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012 - Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Location: Brussels, Belgium

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Europe’s longest running life science partnering event BioPartnering Europe (BPE) is evolving into BioPartnering Future Europe™ (BPFE). We intend to connect and promote innovation within the European life sciences industry to expand the global reach of companies and build sustainable profitable partnerships. BioPartnering Future Europe™ will be held at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre in Brussels, 7-9 October 2012.

With support from the European Commission, EuropaBio, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises and the European Biotechnology Network; TVG invites you to join innovative people and reputable companies showcasing Europe and the rest of the world for the purpose of advancing innovative business and groundbreaking technologies through externalization.

BPFE will support an innovative, dynamic and global biotechnology-based industry and facilitate partnering and dialogue between government bodies, industry clusters, organizations and companies to provide a unified platform for policymaking, business collaboration and funding opportunities.

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